The Event Technique

The Business Side of Nonprofit Events

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So many questions. Why are we doing this event? What is the end goal? Do you want more donors? Do you want more revenue? Do you want both? Are you looking to increase awareness? So many questions, and with the event technique, we’ll break that all down so that it’s logical and concise and helps give you the guidance that you are looking for to make sure that you get the most out of your efforts.

A gorgeous ballroom. A successful walk-run. A dog walk. A gala. All of the different types of events that organizations will put together for a variety of reasons. With the event technique, we look at those reasons from the business side. At its core, nonprofits are a business. Nonprofit status is a tax designation. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to run like a business. We’ll help you with tips and of course, techniques to make your events awesome and make money.

Is your organization inadvertently setting money on fire by constantly being in a state of upheaval? Is there an organized plan, or is there sort of a fire drill type of environment as the event approaches? In our number section of the event technique, we take a good, hard look at what it really takes to make a successful event, timely tips to help with expenses, and even some things you may not have even thought about.

Meet Jill Kummer

Jill Kummer is a successful serial entrepreneur and the former owner and president of Blacktie-Pittsburgh, an event support company for nonprofit organizations that provided a “soup-to-nuts” turnkey approach to event planning and execution. With her years of experience and expertise in event planning, Jill is a sought-after consultant for companies and organizations that seek to make their events more productive, efficient, and, most of all, profitable.