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How To Make Sure Your Food Fest Doesn’t Crash & Burn

Your guests have arrived and come on empty stomachs just for the occasion. The choices you’re providing look good enough to eat, no pun intended. The prices make things look even more appetizing. However, with each passing minutes people are still planted in lines with their stomachs becoming impatient.

After not being able to stand it anymore people start heading for the exits, hungry and frustrated. In terms of what can go wrong with the food and drink event you put on, this is the most dreaded outcome for sure.

The anticipation of being able to chow down on some great food is the sole reason they invested the time and energy to show up. The deserts, the meats, the exotic wines, etc.

In order to keep this dreaded outcome at bay, we’ve prepared some common mishaps that can happen with a food fest. We’ve also outlines what you can do in order to control the risk of any of these coming to fruition.

Here are some of the common mishaps to be aware of:

Not knowing what vendors require

People enjoy food festivals and food trucks, but the problem with these (particularly food trucks) is that there can be logistic concerns. For instance, a certain level of power might be needed in the case of food trucks or special connectors. Are you prepared for these issues? If not then you’ll be in for serious problems.

The best course of action here is to be sure that as far as logistics go that you’ve worked this out with all vendors beforehand. There should be no surprises that risk ruining your event.

Trying to decorate with no regard to budget for the event

You want your event to be aesthetically appealing of course, but you don’t want to waste money on things that just aren’t important. You want most of your event budget to go towards the actual food.

Understand that people come to these types of events for the food and this is what will remain with them once they leave. Fancy dishes aren’t important. Fancy napkins aren’t important.  Essentials are the name of the game, just make sure the quality is good.

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