7 Legacy Secrets Book


Want the Secrets for Successful Events?

Here’s one thing that’s certainly not a secret: Fundraising events are critical for nonprofits. As an executive or development director or event coordinator you already know that. You know the amount of effort that goes into event planning – whether it’s on-the-ground or virtual.

However, effort doesn’t always get the results you want. That’s exactly why you need to learn the secrets that will make your next event rock… with happy donors and supporters, smiling faces, and most of all, money raised to enable your organization to move forward!

In 7 Legacy Secrets, Jill Kummer uncovers everything you need to know from planning to promotion to post-event review so that you can be confident about your next event (and every one after that), knowing that every detail is covered and every effort will ultimately pay off. This book will become an integral part of your fundraising toolkit!

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