Jill Kummer Holiday Book Bundle

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The year is coming to an end and with the New Year it is time to refocus and reenergize your non-profit fund raising skills.  To celebrate the holidays and assist your non-profit, we are offering a bundle of books for a very special price.

7 Legacy Secrets, The EVENT Technique, and The EVENT Technique Planner for the price of a single book.  Get all three (regularly $46.85 when purchased separately) for $19.95!

7 Legacy Secrets

Here’s one thing that’s certainly not a secret: Fundraising events are critical for nonprofits. As an executive or development director or event coordinator you already know that. You know the amount of effort that goes into event planning – whether it’s on-the-ground or virtual.

However, effort doesn’t always get the results you want. That’s exactly why you need to learn the secrets that will make your next event rock… with happy donors and supporters, smiling faces, and most of all, money raised to enable your organization to move forward!

In 7 Legacy Secrets, Jill Kummer uncovers everything you need to know from planning to promotion to post-event review so that you can be confident about your next event (and every one after that), knowing that every detail is covered and every effort will ultimately pay off. This book will become an integral part of your fundraising toolkit!

The EVENT Technique

If you find yourself struggling with or even dreading hosting fundraising events, this book is definitely for you!
Having developed The E.V.E.N.T. Technique from years of experience, author Jill Kummer walks you through the process step-by-step and page-by-page.

She shares plenty of tried-and-true strategies that will help you make your next fundraising event (and every one after that) truly profitable rather than becoming a money pit of costly mistakes.

From the first inkling of an idea about hosting an event to the final debriefing, you’ll get a better understanding of each step and how to execute properly, so …

• your event shines,
• your guests have a great experience, and
• you boost your organization’s bank account!

The EVENT Technique Planner

The planner is the perfect companion that you can use to take notes and keep all of those details organized! Plus, one of the most important, but often overlooked steps to a successful event, is the post-event debriefing.

The EVENT Technique Planner provides all the information you need to help you assess every aspect of your event in your debriefing, so your next one is even more successful!

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